Reasons why you need a Locksmith for fire inspection at your property

Mishaps never happen with prior intimation. And, as we all know precaution is better than cure, it’s better to be prepared beforehand than wait for the danger to catch us unaware. Fire accounts for one of the common accidents that can happen at your home or office. You may have insurance covered, but who would want their prized property to be devastated by fire or a mishap? You can always keep the phone number of an Emergency Locksmith Services in Tucson, AZ on your speed dial, but inspection of your property beforehand will pay off a lot.

professional locksmith will run your property through a compulsory checklist to gauge the risks your property runs in catching fire. This will be an important step in conducting a thorough check and unveiling aspects of security of which you were probably not aware. A fire inspection by a well-versed and trusted locksmith would involve the following:

  • Your property’s access to outdoor premises: This check involves how well your property can be clearly located on the street, visibility on the lane or street, blocks to exterior accesses, accessibility to the fire department connection, lockbox, and keys access, and the working condition and access to hydrants.
  • Emergency exits: ease in access to exit doors, flexibility of the doors, and routes.
  • Reviewing the electrical system: electrical plate coverings in place, labeling of circuits, grounding of extension cords, use of heavy-duty extension cords, and the presence of circuit breakers.
  • Condition of exit lighting: exit lights being functional, the lights being well-illuminated, and situated at the right places.
  • Fire extinguishers: Fire extinguishers being accessible and ready for use, extinguishers meeting existing standards and also the presence of specialized extinguishers, location of extinguishers within 75 feet of all building areas, the extinguishers are within 5 feet height of reach from the floor and have been inspected at least a year ago.
  • Testing fire alarm systems: Inspecting the functioning of fire alarm systems ensuring that they are working all right. They should be tested once a year at least.
  • Fire sprinkler system: Proper placement of the sprinklers, checking the sprinkler once a year.
  • Checking heat-generating devices and appliances: Presence of portable electric heaters with enough space around them, gas-fired heat-producing devices present away from combustibles and have vents fitted to them, combustible elements not in the vicinity of electrical devices or lighting.
  • Property maintenance: waste disposal done regularly, combustible items are stored securely following protocol, any combustible element like inflammable paint or fixtures have been treated with fire retardants, gas canisters are stored following safety measures, and exits are cleared of any combustible items.
  • Checking of smoke alarms: Functioning of smoke and carbon monoxide detector alarms, testing of alarms, presence of more than one power source for the alarms, and hand-testing of the alarms.

A fire inspection checklist will be quite broad and cover the obvious along with not-so-obvious sources of fire mishaps. Any reputed emergency locksmith services in Tucson, AZ should be able to guide you on the best course of action along with a thorough inspection. Tucson Lock & Locksmith ensures that you get the best locksmith services available in your area from a trusted Locksmith. It’s clear from the above list that a fire inspection involves a broad spectrum of security checklists. This leads to all the more valid reasons to get a fire inspection done for your property whether you own a personal home or a commercial building. The risks are the same for both, but since commercial areas are bigger with many segregated spaces, the security concern is higher. It is as simple as the bigger the area, the higher the risk of having places with fire accidents. A deep and foolproof inspection is therefore indispensable.

Main reasons for carrying out a fire inspection from a professional locksmith:

  1. Bought a new property (home or business): A new property should have fire safety in place but it’s always a good idea to have an inspection done before moving in. From checking the basic safety measures to the intricate aspects of safety, a fire inspection should cover it all. Getting a foolproof fire safety measure in place is something that can make you start using a new property with fewer things to worry about.
  2. Fire doors: Your locksmith would check the fire doors to ensure that they are working properly, and in the event of a fire mishap, they can provide to work as effectively as expected. You can expect the locksmith to carry out a proper investigation and suggest fixes, upgrades, and also suggesting better solutions for fireproofing the fire door exits. This reduces the burden when you are going for a complete fire inspection of your property next time.
  3. Security upgrade for better fire protection: Upgrading security features pertaining to fire inspection can go a long way in foolproofing your property against fire mishaps. You can consult emergency locksmith services in Tucson, AZ for installing emergency exit devices for emergency exits so that there’s no scope of negligence left with respect to fire security measures. These devices set off an alarm when the door is opened and is wired in a way so that it contacts the nearest fire department and they can be immediately notified about the fire outbreak. 

If you feel that your security features need an inspection and are awaiting an upgrade for a long time, then you will be relieved to know that Tucson Lock & Locksmith is just a dial away. Whenever you need an emergency Locksmith Services in Tucson, AZ, afire inspection, security upgrade, emergency security services, or anything related to locks and security, dial 520-276-4656.