Things you didn’t know an automotive locksmith can do


Most people are unaware of the various tasks a skilled automotive locksmith can perform. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness costs hundreds of people every day since they end up relying on unskilled technicians who charge an exorbitant sum of money for a shoddy job that barely holds up for a few weeks. Automotive locksmiths, on the other hand, come prepared with the right tools to deliver cost-friendly solutions to a range of car-related issues, from unlocking doors to fixing broken ignition switches. Sometimes, automotive locksmiths are a better alternative than even your car dealership since they can complete the job in half the time and at a fraction of the cost you’d pay at the dealer. But since there are hundreds of automotive locksmiths in Tucson, AZ, the real task is to find the right professional with enough experience. Thankfully, one of the best automotive locksmiths in Tucson, AZ is just a phone call away! Tucson Lock & Locksmith is a premier automotive locksmith in Tucson, AZ that has helped countless car owners over the years with a range of pocket-friendly solutions. From fixing trunk locks to repairing ignition, you can find solutions to almost any lock and key related issue anytime & anywhere. But despite the widespread availability of quality automotive locksmiths like Tucson Lock & Locksmith, people continue to call untrained technicians for half-baked solutions or depend on dealerships that overcharge them. Therefore, it is essential that people should know the extensive range of services they can avail from a friendly local locksmith. Here’s a glimpse:

Unlocking cars

Helping people regain access by opening the lock without a car key is the oldest trick in the book. And automotive locksmiths like the ones at Tucson Lock & Locksmiths have mastered the craft! From jimmying the car lock open to reprogramming the code of the keyless remote, car locksmiths have in-depth knowledge of all the methods that can easily restore access to the car without causing any damage to the vehicle. The prime benefit of availing the services of an automotive locksmith during a car lockout is the time factor. Most automotive locksmiths, including Tucson Lock & Locksmith, operate round-the-clock and can reach any location in Tucson, AZ within a matter of minutes. So for the hapless car-owners who are stranded in the middle of nowhere, help is just a phone call & a few minutes away. Plus, unlike dealerships or scrupulous technicians, automotive locksmiths do not over-charge their customers or make them wait long hours. If you are facing an unfortunate lock out in Tucson, AZ, simply call us on our 24x7 helpline number 520-276-4656 and our experts will rush to your aid.

Retrieving broken keys

Old keys have the tendency to get jammed in the lock. Those that get too rusty may even break inside, leaving you and your car stuck in the middle of the road. Try as you may, it is impossible for common folk to retrieve the minuscule piece of key that's stuck inside the lock without causing further damage to the vehicle. Automotive locksmiths possess special tools that help them cautiously extract the broken bit of key.

Duplicating keys

Replicating the car keys and ensuring they function smoothly for a long period of time is a job meant for professionals. Since there are many makes and models of cars out there, only top automotive locksmiths can meet the needs of clients. The experts at Tucson Lock & Locksmiths can easily make keys that are not attached to a fob or electrical piece. This can be done in a matter of minutes. Most importantly, they can also replicate advanced transponder keys that contain chips that have to reprogrammed. The skilled locksmiths at Tucson Lock & Locksmiths can reprogram your transponder key or create an entirely new programmed key with remarkable precision and dexterity. Instead of paying through the nose at the dealership, you can simply get a duplicate transponder by dialing our helpline number.

Fixing ignition switch

Most people do not know that car locksmiths are rather adept at fixing or replacing their vehicle’s ignition. More often than not, a faulty ignition is a result of a problem with a cylinder that the key is inserted into. Automotive locksmiths can easily fix the issue within minutes. Even for other complex issues, automotive locksmiths have enough skill to carry out an entire replacement if needed. The skilled experts at Tucson Lock & Locksmith can work with cars of any make or model, ensuring that you are never stranded due to a bad ignition.

Other tasks

Besides these, automotive locksmiths can fix a host of other issues pertaining to your car locks. For instance, they can easily fix the trunk door lock in case they are not working or has endured damage due to accident or weather. Automotive locksmiths can also replace the car locks in case they are not latching the way they used to or suffer damage due to the vagaries of time & weather. They also offer hi-tech car locks rekeying services at a highly affordable price. Need a reliable and affordable automotive locksmith in Tucson, AZ? Get in touch with Tucson Lock & Locksmith today