5 tips for hiring the best commercial locksmith


No matter how much money you have, businesses don’t become successful overnight. It takes months – sometimes years – of hard work, utmost dedication and calculated decisions to build a successful trade of a decent reputation. As the saying goes, there are no shortcuts to success. But when it comes to hiring a locksmith, most businesses do not mind cutting corners or relying on superficial technicians who take advantage of an emergency-like situation and quote abnormal prices for the simplest of services. When it comes to the security of your business, shortcuts just won’t do. Your only option is to hire a quality commercial locksmith that is trusted by the industry and comes with years of field experience. While it is not hard to find a decent commercial locksmith in Tucson, AZ, the second or third best should never be your aim. Tucson Lock & Locksmith is one of the most sought-after commercial locksmiths in Tucson, AZthat has been catering to the demanding needs of businesses – both small and large – for many years. Fortunate customers who happen to stumble into our firm get the best value for money every time they rely on us and never find any reasons for complaints. However, there are still hundreds of businesses out there that do not have contracts with a proper commercial locksmith firm and rely on technicians they find on Google every time they run into an issue related to locks and keys. In the age of hi-tech locking systems, it is almost criminal to neglect your security needs like that. The decision to hire the right commercial locksmith in Tucson, AZshould not be based on a Google search. Like every other business decision, it should also be a calculated one. Here are some helpful tips that will help you hire the best commercial locksmith for your security needs:

Find the right professionals

The first and foremost thing that one should look for in a commercial locksmith firm is the kind of staff they hire. Most residential or emergency locksmiths claim to offer commercial locksmith services but lack the experience, talent and understanding of complex commercial-grade locksmith mechanisms used at business establishments. Always hire locksmith firms that specialize in providing commercial locksmith services. After all, you do not want a technician to show up at your organization with a confused look. Tucson Lock & Locksmith is one of the few commercial locksmiths in Tucson, AZ that offers dedicated business locksmith solutions and follow-up services. Our experts are handpicked from the finest finishing schools of the country and are well versed in all the latest security mechanisms – from full-scale perimeter security to biometric access. You can always get in touch with us at 520-276-4656

Accredited and fully insured

NEVER, and that’s a never in bold letters, let anybody near your security systems without valid credentials. The city is teeming with half-baked technicians who are not bonded, certified or insured. Let these so-called locksmiths near your security systems and you will only have yourself to blame if they end up making things worse. Always ask the visiting locksmith professional for their license and see if they are fully insured. Honest commercial locksmith firms are more than willing to furnish any details you ask of them since they understand your need to minimize risks.


Some lock and key related issues demand urgent intervention. For instance, an office lock out, emergency door lock failure or a malfunctioning keypad can put your operations to a temporary halt. And in our experience, we understand that business owners hate the loss of productivity due to unforeseen events like these. Professional locksmiths like Tucson Lock & Locksmith waste no time in dispatching a team of capable experts in the event of an emergency. Always ensure you hire firms that dispatch their locksmiths immediately and do not commit a time that's hours away, even during a crisis-like situation.

Round-the-clock availability

Most businesses have gone 24x7 these days. Those that haven't regularly operate outside of standard working hours. This means that a lock or key related need can arise even in the dead of the night or during peak holiday season. Always hire a firm that offers round-the-year availability so that you don't have to go from pillar to post to get your broken lock fixed or a biometric system repaired in case the problem arises post-midnight. Thankfully, Tucson Lock & Locksmith is available throughout the year and can rush to your rescue, no matter the time of the day or year. Plus, we do not charge extra money for late-night locksmith services or even during the Holiday season!


Last but not least. Always ensure that you hire a firm that upholds the virtues of professionalism. How do you do that? Well, the trick lies in small details. How is the behavior of the locksmith who is attending to your needs? Is he or she wearing a proper uniform? Are they carrying a professional toolkit? Are they ensuring complete transparency and properly responding to your queries? Spotting these small details will help you understand the veracity of a commercial locksmith firm.