How many times has it happened that you got locked out of your car or your front door and don't have the time to wait for a locksmith to arrive? How many times have you struggled to open a jammed lock or lost your vehicle keys? These are some common scenarios and can happen to the best of us. Lock and key emergencies are not planned and do not happen at a certain time of the day. Emergencies, by their very nature, need immediate attention and must be addressed quickly. At Tucson Lock & Locksmith, we understand that and this is why we offer 24/7 service assistance to all our clients in Tucson, AZ. Our helpline 520-276-4656 is available round the clock.

We have been in business for over a decade and never once did we fail to address your concerns within the stipulated time. You can rely on us for:

  • Quick service
  • Customer service guarantee
  • Trained locksmiths
  • Use of advanced tools
  • Affordability


24/7 team

Emergency can strike you at any time. This is the reason, we offer round-the-clock service so that you always have professional help when you need it the most. It doesn’t matter if you need to rekey your locks or regain entry into your office, our team of experts will be able to help you whenever you require their expert assistance.

Mobile locksmith vehicles

Imagine being locked out of your car in the middle of nowhere in Tucson. Rather than trying to break open the windows and cause damage to your vehicle, it is advisable to call us right now and allow us to help you. We have advanced equipment that allows us to fix all your lock and key related issues on the spot. Our mobile locksmith vans are our star equipment that helps us reach you within minutes, no matter where you are in the city.


Lockout assistance:

Don’t worry if you’re locked out of your home, car or office. You are not the first one that Tucson Lock & Locksmith has serviced and you will not be last! So call us get out of your annoying lockout situation within minutes.

Onsite key making services:

Don't worry if you can’t find your spare key. Our qualified locksmiths can make you a pair within minutes! Be it high-security laser keys or key fobs replacement, we can do it all and that too on the spot!

Emergency lock replacement

If you want to prevent an ex-tenant or homeowner to gain access to your property, then you must consider getting all your locks rekeyed as soon as you gain possession. This will help you keep your premises safe from unlawful access.

Repairs and maintenance

You can trust our experts to carry our extensive repairs of worn out locks, broken doors, ignition system etc. and that too at an affordable cost!

Priority to safety

Criminals these days are getting creative with their use of ways to cut through strong locks. Imagine how vulnerable is a rusted lock that does absolutely nothing to protect your property against theft. Tucson Lock & Locksmith ensures that your premises remains safe with the help of sturdy locking systems.

When it comes to being a reliable locksmith you can trust for 24/7 assistance, then there is no one better than Tucson Lock & Locksmith. Give us a call today on 520-276-4656 to find out why our emergency locksmith services are ranked number one by our clients in Tucson, AZ!